Proud Michigander, Linda Pfeifer has faced her fair share of health challenges. Not only is she a type 2 diabetic, but she also suffers from diabetic retinopathy, an eye condition that has caused vision loss and could eventually lead to blindness, and renal failure, which has caused kidney damage and led to high blood pressure.

Linda feels fortunate to have access to medications that help her manage her conditions on a daily basis, but she is still holding out hope a cure will one day be discovered.

What concerns Linda the most at the moment is price-setting legislation. She worries that if the federal government were to be empowered to set the prices of medications, it could jeopardize her ability to access her prescriptions and significantly dimmish the chances a cure will be discovered.

Linda Pfeifer, A Patient in Search for Cures

Further, Linda is worried about the government limiting her choices and finds it extremely worrisome that one day the government could be telling her what medicine to take instead of her doctor. Linda strongly believes that her physicians and specialists are the only ones who know what medicines are best for her given the complexity of her various conditions.

To Linda, biopharmaceutical innovation means new discoveries and relief.

She, and other patient advocates want to call on Congress to rethink prescription price setting policies and the negative implications this could have.

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