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Preserving Patient-centered Innovation

Every day, America’s biopharmaceutical researchers work to develop lifesaving treatments and cures. We’re fighting to make sure innovation reaches patients like you. Join us to support the development of the next generation of medicines that will help save lives.
Sue, Type 1 Diabetes Patient and Voters for Cures Advocate
Photograph of Emily Hanson, PhRMA advocate

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Top Issues

Take action on important policy issues affecting all Americans.

The unique policy and regulatory framework in the United States supports innovation and access to medicines. It’s important that we protect it.

Diseases & Conditions

Take action to support policies that matter to you.

America depends on biopharmaceutical scientists to find treatments and cures aimed at improving quality of life for patients and loved ones.

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Take action on issues relevant to your state. 

Stay informed and ready for action as state governments develop strategies to address today’s health care issues.


Meet the patients and caregivers who are fighting to make medical innovation possible and accessible.


Caregiver to her son Matthew

Voters like Katie, a Georgia caregiver, overwhelmingly support solutions to help rein in insurance companies and their pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Join her in raising your voice to ensure that patients and doctors are the ones making decisions about medications, not PBMs who are more focused on bottom lines than quality of life.


Advocate and Retired Case Worker

Olga spent 10+ years working as a case worker, working specifically with minority women.In this role, Olga saw firsthand the power that innovation could bring to patients who needed it most. After the loss of her husband to brain cancer, Olga became committed to supporting and protecting medical innovation by advocating against legislation that could stifle the development of new, life-saving treatments.


Type 1 Diabetes Patient

Sue worries that more government control in the Medicare system will make it harder for her to access the medicines she needs.

Protecting Innovation

A scientist wearing purple gloves and a lab coat working in a chemistry lab

Don’t let Congress jeopardize medical innovation.

Rather than pursuing policies that would address our broken insurance system and lower costs for patients, policymakers keep going back to the same flawed government price setting proposals. Government price setting – no matter what policy name it’s given – leads to the development of fewer new treatments and cures, meaning patients lose out on potentially lifesaving medicines.
Voters for Cures champion Alisa May, caregiver to her son Justin, standing with arms over each other's shoulders in front of the U.S. Capitol building

Caregivers agree: tell Congress to support innovation

As a caregiver for her son Justin, Alisa holds onto hope for a cure for his rare disease, adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD. Biopharmaceutical companies are working toward new treatments and a cure, but proposed government policies could delay this vital research. That’s why Alisa tells Congress to say no to price setting policies — because people with rare diseases don’t have time to jump through hoops. They need innovation, and quickly.

Advances in Disease Treatments

New treatments come from innovation

As biopharmaceutical relentlessly pursue new treatments and cures, they add to our fight against disease. Thanks to more than 7,000+ medicines in development, there is hope on the horizon to treat and even eradicate diseases of all kinds.
Working Toward Our Single Vision: A World without Illness
More than 7,000 Medicines in Development
Making Your Voice Heard to Protect Innovation

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