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Doreen Gentzler has a long, successful career not only in broadcast journalism but also in promoting public health issues. Today, she is a local NBC anchor in Washington, DC, and she serves as the station’s medical reporter, filing cutting-edge health reports for all of the station’s newscasts.

In her award-winning News 4 Your Health segments, Gentzler brings viewers into hospital operating rooms, profiles medical breakthroughs and shows the latest technology helping to save lives. Her reporting has brought her to Bosnia, Ecuador and the Persian Gulf where she reported live from the USNS Comfort, a navy hospital ship tending to U.S. troops. She is also the on-air spokesperson for the NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo, held each January at the Washington Convention Center.

As host of the News 4 Your Health segments, Gentzler has promoted good health practices, such as cancer screenings and flu shots for disease prevention. She has also shared new research insights into cutting edge treatments for cancers, like immunotherapy treatments that are transforming patient care.

We are in a new era of medicine, and Gentzler is helping share this exciting progress with her viewers. For this work, Gentzler was awarded the Research and Hope Award, which helps illustrate how biopharmaceutical researchers and others in the innovation ecosystem work together to not only bring new medical advances to patients, but thwart deadly diseases through increased awareness, public health efforts and increased collaboration.

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