“What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?” It Was That Simple Question, When Dr. Patricia Carney Was Just Four Years Old, Which Helped Chart The Course For Her Future

As an OBGYN physician and the director of U.S. Medical Affairs for Women’s Health at Bayer, Dr. Carney’s path has not always been so straightforward. “When I was growing up in the 60s, I thought – girls can’t be doctors,” says Carney. “Even when I was in medical school, women were the minority.”

Rather than deter her from the career of her dreams, it empowered her.

“For me, being the minority in medical school – that galvanized me. I had to remind myself that I did belong there. I didn’t care if I had to work twice as hard and be twice as good. I was going to do it.”

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Today, in her role at Bayer, Dr. Carney, who was recently profiled by The 74, uses her platform to encourage young women to continue breaking barriers, pursuing the careers and paths that inspire them most. Crucial to that mission is ensuring that science, technology, engineering and manufacturing (STEM) education is properly funded.

The biopharmaceutical industry is rooted in science and innovation, and is particularly concerned about the current shortage of highly-skilled workers in the U.S. In order to continue the development of innovative, transformative medicines and treatments well into the future, it’s imperative that America’s future doctors and researchers are armed with the knowledge and skills in STEM that helped to facilitate Dr. Carney’s illustrious career in health care.

That’s why America’s Biopharmaceutical Companies are making significant financial and in-kind contributions to STEM education through a broad range of local, state and national initiatives at the K-12 level and beyond. In fact, over the course of just five years, two dozen PhRMA-member companies supported more than 90 individual initiatives, reaching more than 1.6 million students and 17,500 teachers across the U.S.

As we get more minorities, as we get more women, in these positions…I think that’s going to help.

Patricia Carney
OBGYN Physician
Patricia OBGYN Physician image

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