We are in a new era of medicine where innovations are transforming our ability to attack the cause of disease, not just the symptoms. Where treatment decisions are increasingly focused on the needs of the individual patient and where science fiction is now becoming reality. The state of modern medicine has dramatically changed from just a few years ago: From innovative drug therapies and health technologies to new treatments for rare diseases born from personalized medicine.

But how can we ensure these life-saving breakthroughs continue?

To examine these advancements and discuss where patient care goes from here, PhRMA kicked off a series of expert panels as part of an ongoing national dialogue on The New Era of Medicine. Stephen Ubl, PhRMA president and CEO touched on the inspirational experiences he had on over 60 trips to industry labs, town halls and meetings across the country. Industry scientists are making unbelievable advancements in patient care, changing the way we treat life-altering diseases. He talked about the golden-age of medicine that we are experiencing right now–where we harness the body’s immune system, create personalized therapies and deploy CAR-T immuno-therapy. These advances are truly unbelievable and to keep moving forward we will continue to foster innovation.