Join America’s Biopharmaceutical Scientists Inside the Lab

Each and every day, within laboratories across the country, biopharmaceutical researchers are pioneering the latest advancements in science and discovery, and working to transform the future of medicine. With a clearer understanding of each individual’s own genetic makeup, America’s Biopharmaceutical Companies are making groundbreaking innovations that deliver personalized medicines to patients.

Personalized medicine is changing the course of treatment in a host of therapeutic areas—from oncology to cystic fibrosis—and holds incredible promise for diseases like Alzheimer’s. The completion of the Human Genome Project has catalyzed a new era of medicine, where scientific advances once unthinkable are today becoming a reality.

Take a look using our 360-degree “inside the lab” experience highlighting the expanding capabilities to research cancer using personalized approaches, such as genomics that are fundamentally transforming how we develop more effective treatments.

To view on the YouTube app for a VR experience, click here. You must have the YouTube app to enjoy the full 360 video experience. Instructions are below.

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