This is the most exciting time in the history of medicine. Millions of people around the world are benefiting from breakthrough treatments that save, extend and improve life.

Research, technology and genomics are coming together to create a platform that allows researchers to decipher the cause of disease as never before. Each advance opens new doors, new cures, new treatments.

And yet, it’s not enough.

Cures don’t appear on a schedule. In search of the unknowable, in search of curing the incurable, there is no one map, no singular template, no predictable milestones.

Finding lifesaving medicines is a life’s work – the work of thousands of researchers who never say never. It's also the work of millions of patients who fight side by side with researchers in the battle for life, against whatever odds they face together.

"Today's breakthroughs become tomorrow's medicines."

Now is the time to put the accelerator to the floor. The best is yet to come – like groundbreaking advances in immunotherapy and personalized medicine – where the once impossible is now reality.

Welcome to the future of medicine. Where disease is no match for tenacity. No match for ingenuity. Where together, we go boldly.

Dylan Thomas penned "Do not go gentle into that good night" in 1947, but the sentiment is as timely today as it ever was. Millions of Americans are battling serious illnesses, but they’re not alone in the fight. They have the support of thousands of biopharmaceutical researchers whose lives are dedicated to helping patients go boldly into longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

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