Ramona Sequeira, President of U.S. Business for Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Treating patients struggling with mental illness is decidedly one of the most challenging tasks in modern medicine. America's Biopharmaceutical Companies recently hosted New Cures, New Innovation for a New Era in Mental Health, to increase awareness about how mental illness affects the lives of Americans, often in hidden ways, and the work of biopharmaceutical scientists to bring new treatment options to patients.

As a featured guest, Ramona Sequeira, President of U.S. Business for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, touched on several current biopharmaceutical innovations in mental health care. In response to the rapid changes in technology and our understanding of brain function and mental illness, Sequeira said, "We're all about innovation and in mental health there is a huge unmet need for patients which leads to a huge cost to society...There are a lot of failures on the way to success, so we need to facilitate an environment which allows us to invest in addressing the unmet needs.”

Ramona Sequeira image

As researchers continue to push the envelope when it comes to producing new therapies to treat mental health disorders, Sequeira hit on the crux of the issue reshaping medicine as a whole: "We are moving from developing medicines for patients," she said, "to developing medicines with patients."

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