Advances In Science and Treatments Turn the Heat On Cancer

Jessica was just 36 and working in oncology research when she was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of stage II breast cancer. As a new mom, she feared she would not live to see her son turn three. But as luck and the power of research would have it, a recently developed life-saving treatment was available. “If the targeted drug I was given wasn’t around, I wouldn’t be here today,” Jessica recalls. Becoming a cancer survivor only increased Jessica’s passion for her work. “My diagnosis and subsequent journey made me realize on an even deeper level just how personal the battle is for both patients and scientists alike. We are on the same side of the equation working toward a mutual goal of overcoming this devastating disease and living longer, healthier lives. I’m so fortunate that my work allows me to interact with patients and understand what they are going through. And for them, it’s so important that they know we can relate. I know this from experience.”

Breast Cancer Infographic 1 image
Breast Cancer Infographic 1 image

Researchers Making An Impact

Maysoun is another pioneer making a difference in breast cancer research. For the last 20 years she has dedicated her life to researching and developing therapies for types of breast cancer that are resistant to other forms of treatment. Her work and dedication helps turn thousands of patients like Jessica into better cancer fighters. Maysoun, along with the hundreds of other biopharmaceutical researchers, turns “what if” into “what is” by challenging what we know about breast cancer. For patients, this progress helps transform a terrifying breast cancer diagnosis into a healthier and longer life.

I believe a cure is within reach.

Maysoun Shomali
Breast Cancer Researcher
Maysoun Breast Cancer Researcher image

The Latest Innovations

Significant scientific advances have helped usher in a new era of medicine for cancer patients over the last decade. With a clearer understanding of each individual’s genetic makeup, researchers are making groundbreaking innovations that deliver personalized treatments to patients. Personalized medicine is changing the course of treatment in a host of therapeutic areas – including oncology.

Immuno-oncology – research into the role the body’s immune system plays in fighting cancer – is especially exciting. Immunotherapies enable the immune system to fight cancer similarly to how it would attack a virus or bacteria. There are currently more than 240 immuno-oncology medicines and vaccines in development, which all hold immense promise for patients around the world.

As more and more cancer treatments in the pipeline have the potential to be first-in-class, or the first of their kind, researchers are not just looking to the future – they’re creating it. This future could include a cure for cancer.

Breast Cancer Infographic 2 image
Breast Cancer Infographic 2 image

Together, We Can Make Breast Cancer History

It’s a new era for breast cancer advancements and treatments. The work of biopharmaceutical researchers like Maysoun gives patients like Jessica greater hope for a cancer-free future. Although the path to creating life-extending - and even life-saving - treatments is a long one, each new treatment reflects how innovation leads to better patient outcomes. With every passing day, we have smarter research, treatments and advancements than the day before.

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