New Innovative Treatments Are Revolutionizing Life for Patients Battling Diabetes

Freedom. That’s all Angel, a U.S. Army soldier, fights for. Since getting diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, every day has been an uphill battle. Although the diagnosis came as a surprise, diabetes runs in her family. Her major fear—developing the same serious complications her grandfather suffered, and ultimately died from, years back. But with researchers working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring promising new therapies to life, Angel has new reasons to be hopeful.

Type 2 Diabetes Infographic image
Type 2 Diabetes Infographic image

Researchers Making An Impact

Laura, a type 2 diabetes researcher, has dedicated her life to helping people like Angel. Her unrelenting focus, along with the efforts of other scientists, has helped unearth life-changing therapies. Some of these therapies lower patients’ risk of stroke and heart failure, give more glycemic control and reduce pill and injection burdens. With over 95 type 2 diabetes medicines in development, Laura is even more hopeful a cure is within reach.

[Patients] are not alone. We’re in it until there is a cure.

Laura Michael
Type 2 Diabetes Researcher
Laura Michael Type 2 Diabetes Researcher image

The Latest Innovations

Diabetes can now be managed and controlled—all thanks to innovative therapies made in just the last decade. For example, non-invasive A1C tests help doctors measure and regulate blood glucose levels more accurately. Advanced forms of insulin and autoimmune vaccines now come in pen format to improve patient adherence and lower hypoglycemia risks. Then there are the once-daily oral treatments, which now help slow patients’ progression of organ complications.

Even more exciting are the newest diabetes medicines in development. Researchers are currently exploring a special slow-dissolving molecule that could potentially keep insulin in a patient’s body for over two weeks. If successful, it has the potential to replace daily shots altogether. An even bigger game changer is an enzyme treatment designed to reverse the disease entirely. In preclinical tests, 40 percent of participants successfully stayed in remission three months after stopping diabetes medication. Although it’s far too early to draw any conclusions, the road to new diabetes treatments has never looked more promising.

Together, We’re Stronger

For Angel and the other 30 million+ patients fighting type 2 diabetes, every day brings a new challenge. But where there is struggle, there are researchers like Laura revolutionizing ways to eradicate the disease. With so much progress already being made, hope is now replacing fear. And for every new idea, strategy and therapy that succeeds, we inch that much closer to finding a cure, and ultimately winning the war on diabetes. For all of us.

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