Emily is a mom from Montana who feels strongly about making her voice heard: “I decided to be part of Voters for Cure because my son, Cooper, has a disorder called autonomic dysfunction. What that means is that the things we don’t think about that our bodies just do on their own, his doesn’t. He has a really hard time sweating and regulating blood flow to vital parts of his body. I am really hoping that by becoming a part of Voters for Cures that our leaders at all levels of government will hear my family’s story and start to take into consideration how policy changes affect us and millions of other families like us.”

Emily & Cooper H.

Caring for a kid with a serious illness isn’t easy. “It took us a long time to get answers for him – 9 years. And it took going across the country to a specialty clinic.” Now Emily is raising her voice to ensure that Cooper and kids across the country have access to the medicines and new innovation they need. “Developing new innovative treatments and medicines is crucial to ensuring a future for our children. Our nation must explore every avenue to developing new cures for debilitating and life-threating disease, and there is no better time to innovate than the present. As we look to the future, I want to make sure policymakers in Washington enact policy that allows innovation to flourish. Some proposals in DC threaten this progress and for that, I’m concerned.”

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